Sunday, October 12, 2014

Illustration Friday

I.F. - 'Octopus'

I went to sea,
and caught myself
an octopus,
an octopus,
an octopus,
an octopus caught I.

And though it seems
a bit unjust
I put him in
a pastry crust,
a pastry crust,
a pastry crust,
and baked an octo-pie.

the poem is by Kenn Nesbitt


  1. Oh poor little thing - don't put him in a pie he's far too nice.

    An octopus with pink limbs
    Who undulates when’ere he swims
    A lovely guy with great big eyes
    He’s much too nice to put in pies.

  2. adorable! :) I love it. I kind of wish that octopus was my friend.
    p.s. loving the detail on the pipes!