Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Illustration Friday

I.F. - 'Space'
Well, Illustration Friday is nothing if not educational.  Whilst trying to get some inspiration for the theme of 'space' I came across the toughest creatures known to mankind - Tardigrades aka Water Bears aka Moss Piglets. (Google them - they really are this cute!)  They can withstand extremes of temperature, pressure, dehydration and radiation that would kill most other living things and because of their supreme survival skills (Bear Grylls eat your heart out!) they were sent into outer space to see how they fared. Hope they're OK out there!  


  1. I did google them, cool new creature I had no idea about, thank your for the science lesson! Your rendering of them is very sweet, although I am not sure they are going to find any moss out there:)

  2. wow,very unusual creatures. In some pics they remind me of bears, in others they look like shar pei puppies. I like your illustration, looks like they are doing ok out there :)